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    Oxnard Auto Glass Repair | Windshield Replacements, Mobile Repairs

    Gertrude Park
    Gertrude Park
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    Just had my windshield replaced. They were the most competitively priced and responsive company out of the others I called
    Thomas Sanchez
    Thomas Sanchez
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    Had my windshield repaired. Just a little chip in it was fixed a few months back and it's been great ever since
    Michelle Ashley
    Michelle Ashley
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    My car was in an accident and the windshield had a crack. I searched for auto glass repair companies in Oxnard, CA on Google and found out that there are many options to choose from. After reading reviews of various companies, I decided to go with Oxnard Auto Glass Repair who is local and has great reviews.
    August Brewer
    August Brewer
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    I had a crack in the inside of my windshield and needed to get it fixed as soon as possible. A friend recommended I go to Oxnard Auto Glass Repair, so I called them up and they said they could come out that day to fix it for me. They came with all their tools and equipment and got right to work on the problem area, which took about a half hour total for them to do everything from start to finish. The whole process was very easy - just give them a call if you need your vehicle's window repaired!
    Julie Smith
    Julie Smith
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    I'm writing this review because I am very satisfied with Oxnard Auto Glass Repair. They replaced my windshield in less than an hour and did a great job. The techs were professional, courteous, and efficient.
    Addie Eldred
    Addie Eldred
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    I am a vehicle owner who was in need of auto glass repair. I called Oxnard Auto Glass Repair for an estimate and they were able to come out the same day for the repair. They did a great job, didn't take long, and the cost was very affordable. I would recommend them to anyone!

    As an automobile owner, you know the mess that you may be in for in case of a broken windshield, back glass, or side windows. Your vehicle will not only be rendered immobile (unless you want to get traffic tickets or risk your safety while driving), but it may also empty your pockets faster and more often to repair or replace the glasses. In case of such problems, though, you might want to engage a reliable auto glass company for effective and long-lasting solutions. In this case, you can hire the services of Oxnard Auto Glass Repair and enjoy the difference.

    Call us today, and we will instantly respond to your call. Dial (805) 516-5080 or, better still, send us an inquiry message through the form on this page.

    About Oxnard Auto Glass Repair

    As our name says, we are a committed and dedicated auto glass repair and replacement company with one primary goal. That one goal is ensuring that our clients get the right solutions for their auto glass needs. Whether one needs power window repairs on their family vehicle, a windshield replacement on an RV, or a side back glass repair on a sedan, we will make it happen for them. Better yet, we will find them where they are stuck, help them with the repairs or replacements needed, and ensure that they can get back on the road within no time.

    this image shows auto glass repai in oxnard, california
    this image shows auto glass repair in oxnard, california

    Why Choose Oxnard Auto Glass Repair

    Experienced and Certified Technicians

    Oxnard Auto Glass Repair boasts of having the most reliable, highly trained, skilled, experienced, and certified technicians. Their decades of combined experience, devotion to every project we undertake, and commitment to excellence are qualities that you can rely on too. Thanks to the commitment and efforts that we put on every project, we have made a name for ourselves now in Oxnard, CA. As of now, we are among the few most sought-after companies that anyone can depend on to deliver to their expectations.

    For a free consultation and our free quote, call us now. Dial (805) 516-5080 and speak to an expert about your needs.
    Our technicians pass through a rigorous vetting process. From verification of their qualifications to ascertain that they have the requisite skills and experience, we make sure that we sieve the good ones to get the best. This way, it is then easier for us to deliver what we promise our clients. The clients who keep giving us return business and referring other clients to us can attest to it that we are the right technicians to bank on for reliable support, services, and results in everything auto glass.

    High-Quality Materials

    Apart from sending our highly skilled and experienced technicians to attend to your vehicle, we also make sure to use the best materials for your car. We have strong associations with some of the best and renowned manufacturers and dealers of auto glasses and windshields, which makes it easier for our clients to get what they want. If you are looking for high-quality materials, equipment, and tools, too, make sure to hire our technicians and get a better deal than your peers will.

    Quick Turnaround

    Also, we offer same-day service in select cases. This means that you can contact us at ten in the morning, we navigate our way to wherever you are and be done by the afternoon. You may also bring us your vehicle in the morning hours and pick it up in the evening with every glass that you wanted to be worked on having been fixed. With such a quick turnaround, you surely would not want to entrust your vehicle to any other technicians. Call us now at (805) 516-5080 and schedule a free consultation with an expert today.

    Our Auto Glass Repair Services

    At Oxnard Auto Glass Repair, we pride ourselves on offering a range of auto glass services. These services depend on each client who comes calling and the intensity of the problem that they have at hand. When you come to our repair shop, or we get down to where your vehicle is, we will assess the damage, crack, or chips, suggest the best options for them, and get you a free quotation. Once you review and approve the estimates, we will get down to business as soon as possible.

    Among the services that you can bet on us to offer, we have windshield repair and replacement, side window replacement, and power window repair. We also deal with back glass repair and replacement as well as sunroof repair. For every service, our specialty is unparalleled, which makes us your best shot if you are looking for top-rated technicians. Call (805) 516-5080 now for free estimates and hire us for any of the following services.

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    Windshield Repair

    No one expects windshield damage leave alone wanting it to happen to their vehicles. However, damages may happen while you are driving or even when the vehicle is parked at your place of work or home. When it happens, wherever you are in Oxnard, you can bring your car to us for assessment. If the windshield has not suffered too much damage, we will repair it for you on the same day. If you cannot bring the car to us for whatever reason, we can come to you and repair it from your place.

    Windshield Replacement

    Sometimes, you may have your windshield damaged beyond repairs. It could be completely shattered or have wider cracks that even repairs would not suffice. Our team knows how to identify such advanced faults and will be quite resourceful in helping you here too. You can call us immediately after the windshield suffers the impact that breaks it, and we will respond as soon as possible.

    Call (805) 516-5080 now, and we will be glad to jump into action immediately.

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    Side Window Replacement

    Your problem may not be with the windshield or rear glass only, but the side window too. As it is with the other windows, breaking or cracking may mean numerous weather elements sweeping through as well as risking the safety of everyone in your vehicle. To prevent all that from happening, though, you can hire Oxnard Auto Glass Repair to fix the problem for you. Our side window replacement experts will get the job done efficiently and professionally and make sure that you can drive again with intact and sturdier side windows.

    Power Window Repair

    If your power window has suddenly stopped working, then you may have to look for more than a quick fix. As some of the most active components of your vehicle, they may run into problems more often than others may. At the same time, when they become faulty, they may demand more attention, which could include getting checked and rectified by a skilled and experienced technician. That is one of the many reasons why Oxnard Auto Glass Repair is here – to help you with power window repairs. Instead of attempting to repair them by yourself and end up using the wrong parts or doing the wrong repairs, leave the work to the experts.

    this image shows power window repair in oxnard, california
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    Sun Roof Repair and Replacement

    The sunroof is made of glass and provides a clear opening on top of most modern vehicles. Since it is made of glass, it may also get cracked, chipped, or damaged easily. In case either of those happens, you may not be getting the right personal enjoyment as well as protection as you would want. However, you can enjoy all that if you get the right technicians to repair or replace the sunroof in case of problems.

    If you call (805) 516-5080, the experts at Oxnard Auto Glass Repair will respond to your call for help immediately.

    Back Glass Replacement

    Your rear windshield is as essential as the front one. Apart from keeping your belongings safe from burglars, it helps to keep you safe from harsh weather elements too. However, it may also get damaged and demand a replacement. This should not freak you out when it happens, though, as Oxnard Auto Glass Repair can help you to deal with the problem. If you were reversing and saw that annoying crack on the rear glass, get our experts to work on it immediately. We will replace the glass with a high-quality one and help your vehicle to get back to work as soon as possible.

    When a rear windshield is damaged, it might be a bit tricky to repair it. However, a replacement would do just fine. Our specialists can fix that for you quickly and stress-free. In as little as an hour, you can then get back on the road and continue to cruise for that vacation, meeting, or job that you were on your way to. Our practice will be a specialized one, as always, starting with an assessment, brainstorming on the best options, and then replacing the shield for you. Talk to us today through (805) 516-5080, and our specialists will be on standby to attend to you.

    this image shows backglass replacement in oxnard, california
    this image shows backglass replacement in oxnard, california

    Why Hire Professional Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services

    There are many reasons why and the benefits of hiring an expert for auto glass repair and replacement. Apart from getting the right assessments and suggestions, you will also enjoy professional results. Also, you can be sure to enjoy the following benefits:

    • Safety Enhancement: If your windshield, side window, or back glass is broken, your safety will be in jeopardy. You will only be at the mercy of harsh weather elements while burglars would also have a day out with your belongings. You can prevent all that and boost your safety by hiring our specialists to repair or replace the glass for you.
    • Save Time and Money: If you are attempting to repair or replace the glass by yourself, you might end up spending more time and money. The time and money spent looking for the right tools and materials would be cut down if you worked with professionals like Oxnard Auto Glass Repair.
    • Prevent More Damages: It is also possible to avoid greater damages if you let the right people repair your auto glasses. Simple repairs do not have to turn into those that will warrant replacements just because there were some errors done. If you hire professionals to take care of the repairs, they will help to prevent further damages that could eventually empty your pockets or run you through greater risks.
    • Avoid Traffic Fines: Often, road users do not know that they should not drive their vehicles with damaged glasses, as it could be a traffic offense. A traffic police officer can issue a traffic ticket to you for careless driving or endangering lives because of damaged window glass or windshield. To avoid such problems with the authorities, it would be advisable to hire a trusted team of auto glass technicians for help. Call (805) 516-5080 to get free estimates.
    • High-Quality Materials: As a vehicle owner, you may want to cut costs and replace your automobile’s glasses with cheaper materials. This could be a good idea for you, but you will not see the glass serve you for long. Hiring a skilled technician would mean getting the best quality of materials and replacements that will serve you for longer.
    this image shows auto glass repair in oxnard, california
    this imahge shows auto glass repair in oxnard, california

    Areas We Service

    Oxnard Auto Glass Repair is the best choice when it comes to replacing windows in homes. We have been providing our services throughout Oxnard, California for many years, so we are confident we can meet all of your needs. Our company also serves cities such as Port Hueneme, El Rio, Camarillo, Ventura, Santa Paula, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Oak View. Whether your window broke due to an accident or age-related deterioration; we will be able to fix it for you with no problem at all. Give us a call at (805) 516-5080 now.


    Contact the Expert Auto Glass Repair in Irvine

    There are a dozen of reasons why we are the best team of technicians for your auto glass repair needs. Among the crucial reasons why we are your best people include:

    • Same-day service
    • Free assessment and quotation
    • Same-day service delivery in select cases
    • Mobile services for clients who cannot drive their vehicles to our repair shop
    • Competitive pricing for professional services
    • Highly responsive team
    • Highly trained, skilled, experienced, and certified technicians

    As a lover of vehicles of all kinds, from cars to trucks, we just brought on an additional help to our team who had previously worked for a Vancouver mobile truck repair company and is overqualified for our auto glass repair work.

    Getting Started with Oxnard Auto Glass Repair

    Now that you are sure which team to approach for the right auto glass solutions, why not make a move now. To speak to one of us for a free consultation, call (805) 516-5080 now. You may also send us a detailed inquiry message using the form on this page detailing your location, contact details, and the problem you have. Our team will pick it up from there.